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Welcome to the website of Professional Master’s degree available in the University Grenoble-Alpes






Since 1996 the University Pierre Mendes France(now Grenoble Alpes University) offers a major “Economic Strategies of Sport and Tourism” within the Master’s degree in Economics of Organisations.

The Master’s Degree diploma (2nd year) “Economic Strategies in Sport and Tourism” is a national diploma of the 3rd cycle.


The education is offered in both full-time format managed by the Economics Faculty of Grenoble and distant learning format organized by the center of e-education under the department of Economics, Strategies and Enterprise.
The Master’s Degree program “Economic Strategies in Sport and Tourism” provides an opportunity to acquire skills, knowledge and experience needed to succeed in the future career in sports, entertainment management and tourism.


The program aims at :


Throughout the educational program which is based on various teaching practices there is tight integration of theory and practice – it helps to bring up qualified personnel for potential employers. A dozen of professors and professionals share with the students their advanced theoretical and practical knowledge.

Moreover the students accomplish some practical tasks and exercises developing certain skills required on modern professional market. The University organizes a lot of conferences and draws on regularly eminent guest lecturers who convey their outstanding knowledge to the students. Furthermore the University offers wide possibilities of internship.

The full-time students and those who take their online course have free access to the university’s multimedia funds and specialized library.


The program is designed for :


Applicants possessing bachelor’s degree (or diploma Master1/certificate of graduation from the first year of your previous/concurrent master degree program)in disciplines related to Economics (business administration, management) or in other disciplines such as STAPS (Sciences and technics of physical and sport activities), Law, Information communication, Sociology, City planning, Geography, Territory development, IEP (Institute of Political Studies).

The applicants competent in all these different areas are welcome. Your current experience combined with profound knowledge and skills in the field of economics will bring you to the next level of “double competence” what is deeply appreciated in the sphere of sports, entertainment management and tourism.


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